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Why choose E-PROPS ?

E-PROPS, 100% CARBON HI-TECH propellers, are used on many light aircraft : airplanes, ultralights, delta trikes, gyroplanes, motogliders and paramotors.
Why should you choose an E-PROPS ?

The E-PROPS are the only propellers made in full carbon (no fiberglass, no mix, no metal parts), with a special manufacturing process which allows to save weight.
Advantages of a light propeller :
    - better functioning of the engine = > fewer constraints on the reducer, fewer vibrations due to the functioning propeller,  fewer gyroscopic efforts, less couple on the reducer
    - on paramotors, comfort increased for the pilot = > less mass propeller on the back, fewer gyroscopic efforts, less couple
    - more resistant propeller => faster acceleration and deceleration of the engine (the propeller is more reactive), less stored kinetic energy, thus fewer damages in case of impact
    - better respect of the max Moment of Inertia of the engines
    - better respect of the mass regulation (for ultralights for example)
and in aviation, mass is the bigger ennemy !

2- The E-PROPS are the STRONGEST PROPELLERS on the market.
- 100% carbon braid + epoxy resin : optimum use of carbon fibers braid to obtain very light and very strong blades. Foam core with D-Box. RTM manufacturing process.
- Helical Continuous Fibers : HCF process, specifically designed by E-PROPS, ensures an exceptional strength of the 100% carbone + epoxy resin blade, from leading edge to trailing edge, from blade's foot to tip.
- Leading edge protection : injection at the leading edge of a special resin with Nanostrength® (ARKEMA product : high kinetic energy absorption capacity)

3- The E-PROPS are 100% made in France, country with great tradition and expertise in aeronautics.
- 1.700 m² ultra-modern workshops on Sisteron airfield (LFNS), Provence
- Inhouse production : no outsourcing, vertically integrated technology company (the secret of production control and guarantee of reliability)
- Automation in the production process with 12 CNC machining centres, including one innovative custom-made 8-axis centre with laser scanner and a professional 3D printer
- Model's ref on each blade. RFID chip in each blade and hub with all technical data inside. Unique serial number on each part.
- Strict quality system. Quick replacement of one part (blade, hub) possible. ASTM F2506-13 certification.
- Production : 30 000 blades / year

4- The E-PROPS team (25 people) has a great experience : the aeronautical engineers and technicians designs and manufactures innovative propellers since 2008 (10 years !)
The design department has developed special patented profiles and geometries : specific E-PROPS design with high CL profiles and SCIMITAR shape (for paramotors range) : more thrust, fuel economy and noise reduction

5- The E-PROPS are sold in more than 76 different countries, directly or through the dealers network.
E-PROPS equips more than 200 different types of aircraft / ultralights / LSA, and more than 350 different paramotors brands
Since 2013, Paramotors World Champions are only using E-PROPS propellers, because they are at the high top of the quality and efficiency.
E-PROPS offers a guarantee SATISFIED or YOUR MONEY BACK during 6 MONTHS to the propellers for ultralights / LSA / aircraft (please note that this guarantee cannot apply on paramotors ranges PLUG'n'FLY and NG-D)

6- The top E-PROPS propellers are at affordable prices, with very good commercial conditions.

Our customers are our best ambassadors => click here to see E-PROPS USERS FEEDBACK

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