Propellers for Paramotors

Please note that E-PROPS does not have paramotors propellers shorter than 125 cm.

To choose a propeller for your paramotor in our E-Shop :

2/ Open page Propellers for Paramotors.
3/ Click on the engine's picture.
4/ Chose the reduction ratio.
5/ Chose the diameter of the propeller (depending on the cage).

Then you have the choice between several propellers for this engine - reducer - diameter.

Drills : hub's drills are indicated as follow =>
number of holes (4 or 6) then diameter of the holes (6 mn or 8 mn), written M6 or M8, then diameter of the circle on which are the holes (d50, d60, d75...)
The code is as follow : 6M8d75 / 4M6d60 ...

The propellers for paramotors proposed in the E-SHOP are the PLUG'n'FLY models (full carbon, very light and very strong).
Those propellers are the lightest on the market, designed for the best performances.

*** Since 2009, the Paramotors World Champions are using E-PROPS propellers, with a great success ! ***

Our website can also help you : HELICES E-PROPS
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